After their disappearance, few believed they were truly gone, for such nightmares could not die so easily. Now, centuries later, most have forgotten even their myth, forgotten why men are supposed to fear the dark.

They walk the earth once again, their footsteps sounding as a herald to a forgotten conflict, a conflict born of fathomless hate. Their words are like the chiming of a bell, resonating coldly across the land to awaken all the dark, terrible things that have slumbered in their absence, insuring that nothing of good or light survives.

All that opposes them is a tired family and a scattered collection of madmen, outcasts, mystics, and deceivers, most of whom do not even realize fate is tethered to them. They are the seneschals of light and even the Gods cannot predict their futures.

Sides are being taken, alliance formed, and old pacts shattered. Everything is drowning in a flood of rising chaos, and the only thing that is certain is that this world and her people will bleed...

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4 out of 5 STARS Definitely worth reading! The story, imagination and pacing of this book was excellent. The authors have taken their time in letting the story unfold and allowing us to become acquainted with and invested in the characters and their world. The antics of Slade (often quite humorous and occasionally over the top) act as nice reprieve from the brutal existence of Dieharmon and the South; we can't help but feel for The North and the High-Warden. Though much is revealed of the characters in the first novel, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding them to be untold in the sequel. For the most part, the prose is very-well written. It does on a rare occasion feel a little forced, maybe a little too much. If you enjoy Tolkien, Sanderson, Lawrence, Salvatore, Berg, you will probably like this book. It was definitely worth the read. -------------Tracy K. 4 out of 5 STARS **** This book has comedy, drama, and blood and guts. It's pretty good. The three different storylines are different enough that it suits different preferences for books. Slade is funny with his antics, and Dieharamon is interesting with all the drama and backstabbing and intrigue going on. I like those two the best; The High Warden sequence was a little slow for my liking, though the story itself traveled at a decent pace. ------------------ Danielle M.4 out of 5 STARS ***** Tristan and Keegan Kozinski prove themselves to be writers of impressive talent in this unusual fantasy tale which seamlessly blends the narratives of many well fleshed-out characters. The authors' distinct writing styles come together nicely to give the reader two different ways of looking at the fantasy world within The Darkness That Slept: while one of the styles is humorous and quick-witted, the other is more majestic, ponderous, visually evocative. Hence, the reader is able to fully immerse him or herself within the narrative through the contrasts between the two writing styles, something that I have yet to encounter in other, more mainstream works of fiction. The main downside that drops the rating from 5 to 4 are the unfortunate grammar mistakes which occasionally interrupted the flow of the story and pulled me out of the narrative. I have no doubt however, that subsequent editions of the novel will rectify these small flaws. The verdict? Do not be fooled by the unusual cover page of the book, as underneath it is a fantasy story the likes you have probably never seen before.---------------Erin Archer5 out of 5 STARS ***** Unpredictable, engaging fantasy that will appeal to fans of longer, more complicated series, such as those by Martin and Sanderson. I appreciated the attention to detail as well as the depth of characterization, which kept me interested until the end, and with unanswered questions, I am definitely interested in continuing to read the story as it continues. ------------------Cecily W.5 out of 5 STARS ***** An opus is defined as: any artistic work, especially one on a large scale. And that is The Darkness that Slept. This book is not going to be for everyone. It is not your casual beach read, nor is it fluff. What it is, is a well-crafted fantasy written by co-authors who definitely know how to tell a tale. The attention to detail and character development is particularly notable. It is written in a more classical style that can make it sometimes harder to follow, which can be an issue on a book so very long. It took me quite some time to get all the way through it but I did keep coming back. This book may best appeal to those who enjoy the depth of a George R.R. Martin. Well done. --------------------Amazon Customer 4 out of 5 STARS **** Well done. Reminds me of the "Theives World" series. I particularly enjoyed the way the characters developed as the story progressed. A very enjoyable read --------- Amazon Customer

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