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The Andaar Kings were dark men even before their ascension, then a shadow as old as the age came before them -Taelan Muntalabac, the Hate-Monger.

This is a recounting of the Andaar Kings and the war between Taelan Muntalabac and Maevos Avenar.

Download the short story Death's Backdoor.


Thomas is dead. But his existence extends beyond his mortal life, leaving him trapped in Death. But there is a way out. If he can traverse the obstacles and cross the final doorway, he can return to life and his family. 

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Emperor Sarizen Judas has ruled uncontested since his ascension fifty years ago. He is vicious when provoked,  has a serpentine intelligence and possesses a force of will that grinds mountains. His control over the elemental Mantra is unmatched.  But, he is also dangerously repressive of all non-human species. His hatred is blind and relentless, damaging not only to the afflicted but also the nation itself.  This is why Surr, one of Sarizen’s own High-Princes, has abandoned his people in the South and traveled to the Inner Kingdom. He must kill Sarizen, even if it seems impossible and may cost him everything.

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